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Dear Struggling Marketer,

Tell me about your day. Your work day. Was it like mine?
Do you have to get up early, scarf down some food so quick that
you really can’t enjoy it and shower just to wake up enough and
face the drive to work?

And then toil all day at a job that is not paying you enough to keep
the financial wolves at bay?

You know what? I was xx years old, working full time, and yet I could
not write a check for $ 1000. One measly thousand dollars.

My savings account was about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

I mean, I was so hungry my belly thought my throat had been cut.
That’s when I knew I was doing something wrong. In fact, the bank
called and asked for their calendar back.

Well, now, life is better. I can write that $ 1000 check, and our life
style is much better - but more importantly, you can have that same life style too!

What if this was your day fn: you wake up, put on the coffee,
have a bite to eat, and commute yourself down the hall to your
home office. No traffic unless you have a cat. The cat stares at you,
and you wonder - why you have a cat? You fire up your computer,
look in your inbox and read about a new member in your team,
and some sales that were made, earing you a nice profit all over night.

Your backoffice tells you about someone ready to join the team and
‘would you help him do it’. The point I am making here, is not if you
have a cat or not, but if you want the life of a successful home based person with yp?

It won’t pay off overnight - perhaps you need that job now, because you
can work full time at your job, and part time on your fortune, ya’ know.
Start working on your fortune now, by calling me, I’m here and I’m ready to help.

I firmly believe that: Consistency of Action = Certainty of Results.

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